I am not currently active, can I still participate?

Yes, SOS is for all levels of fitness and Samantha will always provide various options for each exercise (beginner, intermediate and advanced). SOS sessions are structured in a way that nobody feels left out or unable to complete an activity. Your fitness level will increase with each session you attend!

Who are your sessions suitable for?

SOS sessions are female only and suitable for all fitness levels. More importantly they are suitable for the person wanting to make changes in their fitness and have fun at the same time!

Where do you train?

SOS conducts group fitness training sessions at Rainworth State School oval. Your fees also help support the school. You do NOT need to be a school parent to attend these sessions. SOS also hold private studio group sessions, contact Samantha for more information.

How long does a SOS session go for and what do you do in a session?

Approximately 45minutes. All sessions will consist of a warm up, sometimes a fun game or activity, then a main circuit or 2, followed by ‘mat’ work. The mat work consists of pilates, yoga and isolation type exercises to focus on core, flexibility and strength.

What makes SOS different from other training groups?

Samantha takes the time to plan out each and every session, making sure that they are all adaptable for different levels. SOS Sessions are a mixture of ‘class’ style sessions and traditional outdoor circuits. The exercise selection is appropriate and not ‘military’ style. There are no kettlebells, ropes or hard-core equipment. Safety in exercise is a major focus, something Samantha is quite passionate about!

How much does it cost to train with SOS?

Prices are set on a Term to Term basis (10 weeks approx). Prices vary depending on how many sessions you do per week. SOS encourages clients to participate in at least 3 sessions per week to get maximum benefits from the program BUT they also understand that many people have a busy lifestyle. Therefore there are a number of different packages available to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Commitment is the main goal with ‘the packages’. Once a person financially commits to exercise they are more likely to succeed. I am happy to be flexible to accommodate your timetable.There are no contracts or joining fees with SOS.

Does SOS still train if it’s raining?

Yes, SOS still trains in wet weather as long as it is safe to do so. Updates will be posted last minute to the Facebook Page if the session is cancelled. Generally if the weather is a little dim we will train undercover so bring your yoga mat.

Who will my trainer be?

Samantha conducts ALL sessions for SOS. Samantha is a certified Personal Trainer, member of Fitness Australia and is qualified in Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise and Pre & Post Natal.

Can I exercise if I have recently given birth?

The general guidelines are 6 weeks after a normal birth and 10 weeks after a caesarean. It is adviseable to obtain your Doctors clearance before starting an exercise program.

Can I train if I am pregnant?

A Doctors clearance will be needed to participate. Contact Samantha for more information about exercise during pregnancy.

What if I miss a session?

While SOS doesn’t offer credit that you can roll into the next term, SOS offers you the chance to make up missed sessions, during your enrolled term. I also understand that things do happen from time to time, contact Samantha if you need to postpone due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.

Can I bring a friend?

YES! SOS offers a FREE TRIAL to all NEW clients. The sessions need to be experienced! You will then know this is the right training environment for you.

Can I still train if I have an injury / condition?

This all depends on what injury / condition you have and is case by case. A doctor’s note may be required depending on the circumstances. If you are able to train but limited to what you can do alternative exercises will be given by Samantha so you can still participate.