Why train with SOS?

With SOS, training is focused on general well-being and fitness. All training is conducted in a safe and private environment with appropriate exercise selection for all levels.

Sessions are conducted by Samantha Ferguson, Certified Personal Trainer and Rainworth School Parent. Samantha is passionate about women’s health and pelvic floor safe exercise.

The philosophy at SOS is all about helping you move well, learn new skills and have fun! When this is done properly, reaching (and maintaining) your fitness goal is a side effect.

As a mother and member of the 40+ club, Samantha understands how challenging it can be to find time to exercise. We all want to look and feel our best. Daily exercise will help improve your energy, strength, mood, and cardiovascular health.

SOS Fitness is all about:

  • Fun and functional movements
  • Meeting new friends
  • Gaining strength and tone in a functional manner
  • Setting regular exercise patterns
  • Motivation and camaraderie of the sisterhood!

Join the sisterhood and get fit today!

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Training is conducted at Rainworth State School, Bardon, Brisbane. Contact Samantha for more details.


What our clients say

I’ve been coming along to the morning boot camps for about 6 months. Samantha always has something different planned each time and I really like the variety. I used to get bored pretty easily at the gym. It feels like we are all in a team and I always feel encouraged rather than judged. The hour goes too quick, but it leaves me feeling good for the rest of the day.

Olivia Hollingdrake

I’ve been training with Sam for six months and am really enjoying her sessions. I was getting a bit bored of just running and have found these sessions to be a great mix of activities, never boring and always fun. Every session is different and challenging and I find the other people very accepting and non-judgmental. I love that the sessions are outside; it’s such a great start to the day.

Cathie Page

Great website Sam! Thanks for all the bootie training this year. You know just how to encourage and train us in a fun way, but where you get results. Being in your bootie team has made such a difference to not only my health and fitness, but ability to deal more effectively with the stresses of life. I am looking forward to being the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in 2015!

Kathy Brown

I have known Sam for 2 years and is the real deal. Sam knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body. I highly recommend Sam as a trainer for men and women. You won’t be disappointed.

Monica Rylands

Sam is a great trainer who has kept me accountable and pushed me harder than I could ever push myself. She’s introduced me to new ways of training – when on my own I used to do dedicated cardio or slow weights sessions and she has shown me the value of short, sharp sessions that include weights while keeping the heart rateup through quick transitions.

Sam provides new exercises all the time but is flexible to include favourite exercises or minimise/exclude the ones you hate! Sam has shown a genuine interest in my progress and has kept me accountable between sessions in the leadup to my wedding, especially for nutrition. Sam is also someone who practices what she preaches – I’ve worked with her off and on for a couple of years for particular goals and she is consistent in her dedication to her clients and her own health, fitness and wellbeing.

Kris Tulloch

I’ve been training with Samantha for the last 8 months. During this time I have lost 25kgs & gained a life! Look 10 yrs & feel 20yrs younger! Sam has helped me stay focused in meeting my goals,without being fanatical and make changes in my life that I feel I can sustain. Love the training studio, has everythinga gym has without the distractions.

Peta Haynes – Lovell

I highly recommend Samantha and I love her new studio! I have been training with Sam for over 2 years and in that time I have lost weight and toned up to the point where I am maintaining my figure and improving my fitness. Sam’s approach is a holistic one, giving advice on nutrition and other lifestyle tips that compliment my training with her. What I like about Sam is her ability to adapt to my needs and yet I am still sore the next day! I have a upper back pain which Sam tailors our training around and includes exercises that are improving the strength in that area. Sam is realistic and lives and breathes her passion for fitness.

Emma Leslie

Unlike many other trainers, Sam’s attention to the safety of the workout is what sets her apart. Her workouts are both time efficient and effective and will get you bang for your buck in a fun and supportive environment.

Amy Wilson